39 Holographic Sticker Printing

39 Holographic Sticker Printing
43 Holographic Sticker Printing

Holographic Sticker Printing. Print now and get free a design proof. Holographic foil stickers feature a thin plastic sheet printed with highly customisable holographic images.

3D Laser Label Hologram Printer With Self Adhesive
3D Laser Label Hologram Printer With Self Adhesive

Any size & shape available. It is also called holographic sticker. Can you print holographic paper?

1 Black Colour Rotary Printing.

According to your product, purpose and budget, design your own logo label, and print the label exactly according to your own size, material and quantity! A thick backing paper makes them easy to peel & gives a premium. Only a hologram manufacturer can produce a security hologram.

Print Custom Holographic Stickers In Different Sizes And Shapes.

Any size & shape available. Lg printing is one of the leading suppliers for custom hologram stickers, various colors, sizes for options. Each sticker is printed on premium, holographic vinyl with a permanent adhesive and matte finish.

Print White And Choose Which Colors You Want Metallic Or To Have White Printed Behind Parts Of.

Resistant to scratches, water and from fading in sunlight. These hologram stickers are commonly used for certificates, documents, vouchers, member cards, packaging and labels. They are often used for security purposes, as hologram sticker printing is a difficult process that can only be replicated using the original “master hologram”.

No Limit On The Colours Used, Including White Ink.

These came out great and are a great value for the price. Customizing or personalizing holographic stickers with images or logos of the business has many advantages. Great as a packaging finisher to add more flare to your products.

The Iridescent Effect On This Holographic Oilslick Material Gives Your Stickers A Psychedelic Look.

What is a hologram sticker? We print white ink behind some colors to remove the iridescent effect. Holographic foil printing makes use of heat, pressure and time to transfer colour from a foil to an object.

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